Thursday, April 7, 2011

Relief After Reluctance

Ahhhh, Thursday.  The day of the week when my alarm goes off, I groan, roll over, and beg the clock for 10 more minutes... just 2 more times!  Then this voice in my head says, "Get up!  It's Thursday... only one more day until sleep-in Saturday!"  On that note I crawl out of bed, "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" 

My kids are even bemoaning the prospects of the day.  "Do we have to do school work today?"  As if my answer in the affirmative wasn't obvious in our continued goal to get work done this week, they proceed to ask, "Do we have to do school work tomorrow?" 

It doesn't matter that this week has been full of adventure.  Monday was grocery shopping, it's always nice to have fresh new food in the house!  Tuesday was marshmallow math, Brooke's favorite (my 8 year old).  The last time we did marshmallow math was with adding and subtracting during hot cocoa season.  This time we were trying for a hands-on activity to explore the prisms we have been studying.

Yes, those last two are churches!  They even set up miniature animals to act as worship team and pastor!

That same day we road buses and went on walk-about to view A-Beka curriculum, visit Salvation Army (my kids' favorite store!) walked to the library, checked out some great books and even had some fun on the computers.  Upon returning home they used their Cheese-It snack to build some more!

Yesterday was a busy day for me with housework and laundry catch-up.  But they were able to do homework in the morning, ride bikes in the afternoon and have fun at AWANA and Youth Group in the evening.

Today, as I shrugged off the groans of school work to-dos that would only take till lunch, I looked forward to yet another adventure.  We took a major field trip and 3 bus rides and a fair amount of walking around town, to the bank, to the $1 Store (always a hit!), and to Borders (also always a hit!).  All topped off with some great play time with their cousins upon returning home. 

How could homeschool not be fun enough to say, "Mom, can we pllllease have school tomorrow?" instead of, "Do we have to?"

I guess some things are eternal, whether public school or homeschool.  But that is ok,I don't mind.  We find a reprieve in 4-day school weeks and are looking forward to our Spring Break after next week (planned for the week before Easter).  It is helpful to know that when we all feel a little too warn out we can take a step back, when we all have worked hard we enjoy a reward, and at the end of the day I know how they are doing and we all feel a peace because God was at the center of it all. 

Through each of our tasks and trips we enjoy conversations and prayers about our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus.  I see them growing not just in academic understanding, but in eternal knowledge and that is the most encouraging of all. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for YOU we do it all!  May you find homeschooling peace today too :-)

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