Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I am an analytical, detailed to-do list, type of gal... searching for simplicity.

I search for it in my daily schedule.

I seek it in our homeschool.

I desire it in my quiet times with God.

Ever since we moved from our home and came to stay where we are for now, I am finding simplicity in more corners than I thought possible. 

My laundry is caught up more often then not.  We have less with us here so smaller laundry piles and days without washing are a sign of domestic simplicity.

In small surroundings and lack of vehicle situation, our simplicity in schedule is almost inevitable.  It is hard to be anything but simple when walking, like ducks in a row, down a road-side with umbrella in hand (in case it rains!)  It is difficult, at best, to amass a day's worth of cleaning when you don't have a day's worth of stuff to make messes with!  I praise God for that!

Homeschool, for this needs-to-be-in-control mama.... has taken its turn at simplicity as well.  Lesson plans thrown together in an hour flat, no more worrying if every worksheet got used in the unit.  Much of our learning aptly completed with real-life lessons to round them off... it has been simply blissful (and I pray God sustains my stamina to keep up!)

And as I busy myself each day with each task, I try to remind myself to breathe and think and turn my heart heavenward.  To see my Father in the simpleness that comes from living outside of one's box and inside His will.  I try to listen each time we venture out.  Not to the roar of a car engine anymore, but to the shuffle-shuffle of our feet on the dirt and rocks of paths and sidewalks.  I hear His voice speak of strength and devotion.  I feel His warmth and approval.... His will not mine.

God is good, faith is simple, all we must do is step out and believe.

May you find peaceful simplicity and faith in the hub-bub today!

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