Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday: Birthday Edition

1. This is my first time... why not?  A great way to celebrate my birthday too :-)  "Happy Birthday to me, I belong in a tree..."  (singing off key)
Me!!  37 years ago!

2.  I was good at random when I was younger.... oh, wait, I am still good at it!  How about this;  we use to have a cat named "Sunshine".  She was my sister's.  I would put her on my shoulders (the cat, not my sister) and sing "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..." by John Denver.  My sister was not pleased, I had to put the cat down :-(  Now we have a FAT cat named "Stinky", he is actually my mother-in-law's and when he lays in my lap my knees go numb... I think he is getting revenge on Sunshine's behalf!

I was talking to a friend when hubby snapped this shot

3.  I turned 37 today and proud of it!  I have more gray hair than my husband who is 40.  He calls me Mortisha sometimes and smiles like... ya know!  I think he likes my salt and pepper hair ;-)  Which is good, cause I like it too.  I call all the gray my experience lines :-)
One experience I could go without... breaking my toe mid-summer!

4.  I love sunflowers because my favorite season is fallSunflowers work alllll year long, well, almost all year long.  Hence the new website theme which I plan to keep and not change with seasons anymore.  (For more on my sunflower fetish, click the "Sunflowers" tab at the top of the page!)
I love photo bucket!

5.  We don't have a car.  I have decided I prefer not having a car!  I love to walk and have had the most AMAZING experiences meeting people while pounding the pavement and riding the bus.  When you have a car there is no motivation for running your errands the old-fashioned way.  But of course, I am an old fashioned girl!
me :-)

6.  How many random thoughts are customary?
Talk about random!

7.  I use to play the violin.  At one time I thought it was the most beautiful sound!  Now, I only seem to enjoy it in Irish jigs and orchestras because the last time I broke out my bow and ran it across the strings... either I have gotten worse, or the sound of a violin is more like a screech to my ears... Yeyowww!  Now I find myself wishing I had made more time to learn the piano... that sound is always smooth and lovely :-)

Did I mention I love Photobucket?
8.  My youngest daughter LOVES bunnies.  She had wanted a BIG bunny for Christmas the last few years.  This past year we were blessed to discover one at Salvation Army just before the holidays.  $2.50 later she was all mine!!!  And Christmas morning she was all Brooke's (to her great delight!)  Last month Brooke felt her bunny needed graham crackers and milk before bed... along with a photo session to prove even stuffed bunnies need a bedtime snack!

9.  I love old classics and old musicals and I watched Old Chicago today in honor of where I grew up (a suburb of Chicago) and my birthday.  It made me wonder just how much of the movie was true and would completely explain all the corruption to this day!
New Chicago!

10.  We will go for ten.  Like Letterman's top only mine doesn't have a witty one-liner at the end!  I do try to always end my posts with a blessing though... so may you have 10 wonderful blessings this week in 10 random ways!

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park... a blessing to behold

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