Sunday, March 27, 2011

Excitement Mounting

I am so excited to see the site remodel really take shape!  I praise God for "The Cutest Blog on the Block" and their adorable templates!  Sooooo much easier to install than the free templates I was finding elsewhere on the web. 

I have been wanting something beyond the typical templates offered here at Blogger ever since I started visiting Sprittibee's website.  I know I shouldn't covet, but her theme is adorable!  I go to her site and I don't want to leave.  Articles are compelling, pictures are always fun.  It has been inspiring.

My husband is so busy designing for others as well as our KOG site, I hate to bug him with mine.  But I am excited... he is taking some time out to put a beautiful banner together for me!!!  He even designed a button which we need to tweak before it is ready.  I really appreciate his loving desire to do what he can :-)

I have more content to work on as this new lay-out offers more 'tab' space!  I also have adjustments to make to existing content.  This coming on the cusp of a new idea we may be releasing on the KOG website this next month.  My hubby calls it "the short attention span approach"!  Our idea is to release more articles (possibly daily) with much shorter content as opposed to longer articles less frequently as we currently do.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time!

I did not get my review done this month for Gabby Mom's... and I sure wish I had :-(  They sent me the neatest stuff for consideration this month.  I even had a say in the content I received!  It is called a "Super Shot" and mine was about "Freedom From Homeschool Frizzle".  I so need this one! I will have to get through it eventually and share with you all... even if the official review date has passed!

I know I should close down and go to bed but the new look and feel of the site is like a lovely new sitting room with a soft couch and beautiful view... you just don't want to leave the space!  But long, rambling blogs do get boring! 

In keeping with my attempt to include pictures whenever possible in my blogs, I want to share some darling shots of my "little" boy!  Well, he will always be little in my mind anyway!  This is my oldest son's Junior Prom pre-dance pictures (the only one of my kids to attend public school):

Yes, he is a tad tall!

Proud mama, HE asked for this picture!  I wasn't prepared!
My son and his date.  I have been promised better quality pictures! (I didn't take this one)
 May your last week of March go out like a Lamb, with peace and joy and spring time hope.

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