Friday, March 4, 2011

And the memories... priceless!

I just had to share this funny tidbit from this week, it has brought some hearty laughter in this house!

Here is 10 and 8 when they were aprox. 5 and 3... my peas in a pod!
My 8-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son were trying to raise $1 in quarters for the trinket machines at the grocery store.  They had 75 cents and needed just one more quarter to complete their savings.

Right after my 12-year-old woke up on Wednesday, 8 approached her with a sucker and made her pitch, "Do you want to by a sucker for 25 cents?"

12 responds, somewhat agitated, "I don't think we should have to pay for things from each other in this house."  (mom is stifling a snicker in the background)

Mom sits down to eat her eggs and 8 approaches with small stuffed bunny and sucker in hand, "Do you want to buy a sucker for 25 cents?"

Mom looks at sucker which seems smaller than it should be, under a somewhat crooked wrapper and asks, "Have you already licked that sucker?"

8 innocently replies, "Yes, but it has been wrapped since Saturday."

At this point, mom has head down on table trying not to LOL in an all too obvious manner.  It takes the better part of 2 minutes to compose myself well enough to ask tenderly, "Do you really think someone is going to want to pay 25 cents for a sucker you were already eating?"

8 seems perplexed by the thought and sweetly reiterates (as if mom didn't get it the first time), "But it has been wrapped!"

What a hoot!  Fortunately for her and her brother, grandma, after hearing this story, took pity on them and "bought" the sucker!  Talk about "priceless" memories!  I hope and pray you have some priceless memories this weekend :-)

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