Sunday, February 20, 2011

You can schedule that?!

I am happy to report, my chaos is mostly ordered!  Next step: implementation!

The list method I was doing in my to-do/ta-done journal (as shared in Order From Chaos) was great as a brain dump but it required refinement.  I went into Microsoft Word and printed a daily calendar with itemization down to the hours in each day.

Here I must pause to ponder the fact; days on the Word calendar start at 5 a.m. and end at 11 p.m.  At least the virtual world acknowledges the need for 6 hours of sleep!  My daily schedule recording grinds to a halt by 9 p.m.  Maybe I am just getting old!  (Or just older than being young enough to make it on 6 or less hours of sleep!)

I wanted to share pretty pictures of my new schedule... perhaps another day (can't access the required materials to do so).  Not to mention I would like to color-code.  I'm kinda crazy like that!  But the above picture was a must share!  As I work on time management (you can see my notebook on the couch waiting for my attention!), my two youngest manage their math time on the living room floor with partners.  I am curious... the cats didn't give them the answers, did they?

Beyond all these anecdotes is some insight I wanted to share.

Why do we blog?

Each person's answer may be different.  My answer is simply, to encourage and inspire.

The same reason I write articles on KOG.  But the articles there are to a general crowd.  Here, I really want to reach into the hearts of mothers/wives/homeschooling parents and inspire, transform and just simply share.  At KOG I share about God in our lives; here I share more personally about God in my heart in the hope that His light can shine into your lives.

This is my own little mission out-reach and you are my own private community I love and seek to share with and be a part of.

There is a mom whose blog I love to read (I have not retained permision to reprint so I must be vague!).  Back in November she wrote and article discussiong her need for (and reliance on) a blogging schedule.  Over the years I have written up many schedules for chores, school work, and general time relegation.  But I don't recall ever scheduling my time to blog like you would a job or important chore.

I like it!

Soooo... as part of my ordered chaos I have a schedule for blogging now, with hopes and aspirations to be sharing  almost every-other-day.  I hope this will keep me on track and I trust that God will give me powerful words to share in the more quality time I will have here on The Faithful Homeschool!

Peace and blessings to you this week as you seek to make each detail of each day prosperous and blessed!

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