Sunday, February 27, 2011

Continuing Saga of Scheduling Quandries!

Looking to a new week in the continuing saga of my scheduling quandaries and implementation, I consider the caution of not micromanaging a schedule.  I think of the movie, "See Spot Run" and the carefully color-coded schedule the mom in that movie had for her child... and how the schedule was not followed while in the care of the family friend!

I may not be the family friend, but I have figured out enough with 4 kids (and many of my readers have much more more than 4!) to know the code name for schedule is often disaster!

So I sat down today to REWRITE my plans and realized I was rewriting them the same as they were!

I am so crazy (at least I know it!)

Then it dawned on me... I don't need to rewrite, I just need to do like I have always done (and seem to keep forgetting lately) and use my already well written schedule as a guideline.

No day or week or month is going to be text-book and perfect.  It is nice to have a reference point and move forward form there.  The reference point I put together last week is actually a good one... on a good week!  And we maintained the overall idea of it all week!

I need to remember; a schedule is not a straight jacket, it is merely a sidewalk (even if we cross the street and walk on a different sidewalk for a while!)

A mid-year tally for the 100th day of school in 2007!
I post this, in hopes to encourage all those frazzled moms out there reaching the mid-year muddles (I know some of you are reading this!!)  We are no more perfect than the next mom... and anyone who thinks you should be is crazy!

The important thing:
Love your God
Love your husbandju
Love your kids
and give each of these loves your all... the rest will take care of itself!

I wish you genuine peace in your heart this week :-)

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