Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come One, Come All... It's a Carnvial!

Welcome, step right up, have we got a show for you!  The Faithful Homeschool's addition of The Carnival of Homeschooling is about to begin!

When I requested articles on "Winter Weather Homeschooling in Small Spaces" I could not have guessed at the array of submissions that would arrive... and what a blessing each one is!

Check out these 'booths', take a whack at the links, and enjoy yourself with this week's addition of the Carnival!

It doesn't matter if you are in large or small environments these tips are sure to hit the spot!
Who wouldn't want to learn in such a cozy environment!
 - If your homeschool isn't already organized, Life Nurturing Education (picture above) will inspire you in How the Basket Lady Organizes Homeschool (and more heartwarming pictures on her site!)
I find organizational pictures inspiring!
 - Great planning tips (and pictures like above) from Baby Steps in her article, More on Planning.

Anywhere But Here
Whether outdoors or taking a 'field trip', these ideas are sure to get you out of the house!
- PJ's All Day discusses Library Databases and Free Materials
 - What to do with nation-wide winter storms... visit Play and Learn with Bur Bur and Friends for Creative Ways to Have Fun With Your Child in the Snow

Big Ideas
What products and lessons will you fill your space with?  Check out these reviews, ideas, videos, curriculum and lesson plans... great for any amount of space you have to work in!
- Explore some great videos with Why Homeschool and their article, What Are Some of Your Favorite Ted Talks
From Let's Play Math... is it art or math?  Both sound wonderful to me!

- No matter what time of year, Let's Play Math really knows how to have fun with this neat video and article, Be My (Math) Valentine!
- Homeschool author, Linda Dobson and her website, Parent at the Helm, inspires our teaching techniques with her article, Light Your Child's Learning Fire with Her Interests
- Another wonderful author, Barbara Frank inspires us to consider motivation in, Can you Motivate Your Child to Achieve Greatness
- Share some Valentine's Day facts with the ones you love by visiting Chrysalis and reading her article, What's the Origin of Valentine's Day
Spelling has never been more fun!  Visit Jimmie's Collage to find out!
- Think outside the box with spelling... visit Jimmie's Collage for a great list on 30 Ways to Practice Spelling Words (great for visual learners too!)
- Craft Stew shares some GREAT ideas on How To Bind A Book!
- Here is A Net in Time with some fun ideas on learning in her article Lego Contest and more...
- If you and your children don't already love to read, Sage Parnassus is truly inspiring with A Book List! you will definitely want to check out from the library!
- Tenacity Divine has some great curriculum suggestions in Timberdoodle & Critical Thinking Press, Part 4 of 4
- Having fun learning History without the textbook, check out Blah, Blah, Blog and article, Sing Song Story of the World
Storybook inspired art is always heartwarming!

- Here is a neat project idea and review from Nirvana Homeschooling and The Very Hungry Little Caterpillar (art pictured above)
-  What is better than good curriculum?  Good FREE curriculum.  Check out Beyond the Silver and the Gold as she reviews Learning English Grammar with KISS Grammar - FREE!
- Celebrate Creation and science, find out how by visiting Kathleen's Catholic and reading Science Fairs: Celebrations of Creation

When Learning Isn't Typical 
When a child doesn't learn as "typical" children would, teaching can be a challenge.  See how these homeschoolers found their way with gifted learners.
- Domestic Entropy shares her heart as she explores the possibilities of Asperger's Syndrome in her article, Neuro-atypical?
Homeschool Mo shares Wrapping Up Our Week: February 11 when trying to find the right curriculum and applications for a Dyslexic child

Encouragement for Today
No matter where you are, spaces big or small, encouragement comes best in big doses given frequently!  Check these inspiring, and sometimes silly, stories out...
Diary of 1... what a lovely way to share a book!
- Diary of 1encourages us with One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp: A Review (I think I need to add this one to my book list!)

- Be encouraged with socializing your homeschooler when you read Not-So-Superwoman's article, Homeschool-A Safe Place
- A fun story from the ever creative Homespun Juggling titled, Bean There, Done That!
- When enough isn't enough, The Thinking Mother shares "I Want Serious Subjects!"

Well, folks, the show is over!  I hope you have enjoyed this week's carnival!  Thank you to all who have contributed!  To view previous Homeschool Carnivals, you can visit the archives.

Next week's carni will be Raising Real Men.  You can submit an article by visiting this link.

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Have a blessed week!


  1. Amanda,
    Bravo! This looks like a wonderful carnival! Thank you for your time and effort. I look forward to reading and learning when I have a few minutes.

  2. Lots of great posts! Thanks so much for hosting the carnival!

  3. Thank you :-) It was a pleasure to be part of!

  4. Thanks for hosting! Blessings, e-Mom