Friday, January 28, 2011

Truly a Treasure

For those who follow my blog regularly, you know that we have spent the last 2 months in transition; packing, moving, and re-settling after 11 years in our home.

This process has not been easy, but we feel blessed to see God's hand through it all.  One glimpse of His touch came through an opportunity I took to be part of a new group called, The Gabby Moms.  As part of this group I have a chance to review products from a mom that is near and dear to my heart, Lorrie Flem and her publication, Eternal Encouragement Magazine (formally known as TEACH).

My first assignment arrived in late December as my packing went into full swing and the BIG MOVE began to encroach.  Spare time was seldom possible and often found in a mentally and physically exhausted state.  I felt discouraged and challenged and I knew the enemy was trying to derail my peace and direction as we stepped out in faith to do God's work and go where He was calling us.

Isn't that how it usually is though?  We answer God's call and just as quickly, satan steps in to try and trip us up.

I needed encouragement... I needed peace...So it was decided...each time I sat down for a break, each time we stopped working for the day, each time I could spare a minute... my "assignment" was in my hands.  As a result, I found the book and assortment of articles and authors in, "True Treasures; 10 Years of TEACH Magazine" truly becoming a treasure as I faced this challenging transition.

I quickly realized, with my scattered reading schedule, in order to properly relay my thoughts I would need to ear mark all of the profound nuggets as I came across them... and I came across many.  My biggest challenge was keeping track of my post-its!

My hope began to be restored as God used the pages of True Treasures to speak into my life.

From the first article God spoke to me of our focus in the new home we were moving to.  He used Isaiah 64:8 to tell me, "And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand."  Lorrie expounded on this passage, encouraging me to embrace the process of molding and worry not about the purpose we are molded for!

As January and the new year unfolded, I unpacked and worked at re-settling in a smaller space.  The stacks of boxes and piles of 'stuff' were daunting at times.  How could I find a place for it all?  Lorrie's words inspired me to relax and marvel in the process (p. 63)
When unpacking was completed, organization came next.  What routines could we set up, where to start, how to start in this new place???  I haven't had to do a complete over-haul of routines as the result of a new environment in 11 years.  I almost felt like I had forgotten how!  Not to mention, this isn't even my home... it is someone else's hospitality and environment I need to work through.  Enter chapter four, "Homemaking that Dazzles Like Diamonds".

Here I was reminded that I am not alone.  My Creator is with me.  I was encouraged by scripture and by the honest professions that, hey... we can't  do it all... even if we tried!

My mission to settle in and move forward took on a whole new light when I embraced the idea that my job was to "make our home a little picture of God's big picture."  After all, we feel we are called here to 'shine our light'!

Then came the marital challenges.  The differences between my husband and I and how we approach things.  The lack of privacy in the new place and the stress of some BIG changes on the horizon.  But what can I do when he growls?

As I stole my moments away with this book, God used the bulk of chapter 2, "Marriages of Solid Gold" to reveal to me the true value of a devoted wife and "helpmeet".  Article after article showed me that all spouses have their differences, but it isn't the differences that define them... rather their relationship with and desire to please Christ.

I was able, for the first time, to stop and truly listen to my husband.  To ask the questions that showed him I cared.  To gain an understanding which could lead me to become a more compassionate wife and devoted prayer warrior for the concerns of his heart... rather than the concerns of my heart for him!  As a result, I find myself more tenderly connected to this man I love and I feel a new accountability to him and our relationship in Christ!

Thank you TEACH!

But the one article to tie it all together came when reading, "This Too Shall Pass" by Amy O'Quinn.  How often have we heard those words?  How often do we take them for granted?  But the fact is; when the kids get playdoh stuck in the carpet you just cleaned, homeschool flopped for the day because you overslept and got a late start, dinner is burnt and your husband is looking at you like you're some kind of crazy woman as you cry over spilled juice.... "this too shall pass".  When we embrace that simple four word saying and a trust in our Heavenly Father to train and teach us through all these tiny situations.... we can have peace!

I could no sooner pick a favorite or most inspiring article out of the six chapters, 101 pages, of this book than I could find just one star in the sky that shines more beautifully than another.  From homeschooling tips to homemaking tips... advice for moms and parenting... and yes, even marriage... "" is truly a TREASURE worth reading and storing in our hearts!

May God bless you today with true treasures of encouragement.

* If you would like to own the book, "True Treasures; 10 Years of Teach Magazine" you can purchase it by following this link to the "Library" at Eternal Encouragement Magazine (Formally known as TEACH).  Use coupon code GabbyMom to receive $4 off your purchase of "True Treasures" if you order before May 31, 2011.

You can learn more about Eternal Encouragement Magazine and other great products from Lorrie Flem by visiting her home page at  

I received this product for honest review from TEACH Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program.  all opinions expressed are solely my own.


  1. Very, very thoughtful post!I love the pictures too!

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  2. Very inspiring post. I like the pictures, especially the one of the well-used True Treasures! That speaks for itself.
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  3. I love your post-it note covered book on the counter, with the coffee. Makes me want to stop by curl up on your couch and chat awhile....

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  4. Thank you Julie :-) Ambiance is something special I try to capture whenever possible. I am glad you found an appreciation in it with this article!

  5. Great review! I am now following you. Blessings from a fellow Gabby Mom.