Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm BACK!!

We finally transitioned 11 years and 6 people out of our home.  It was a tearful yet exciting departure.  Contemplating all of the memories while looking ahead to all the possibilities God is drawing us towards... it was hard to stay sad!

Our last day of major moving and cleaning provided an opportunity to view just one more of God's beautiful creations from our window:

We will miss the lovely vistas we have enjoyed right from our living room window...

We will also miss the sled hill in our back yard...

 ... and building snowmen for neighbors who need them :-)

Even though these winter pleasures won't be right out our door... they are still close.  We live only a few blocks away from one of the nicest parks in town (which also contains a VERY nice sled hill AND ice rink!).  I won't have to explain to the kids all the time why we can't go to the park with the swings and slide 'today'... and I hope to go often so as to get some exercise myself!  

But even more than these simple treats are the eternal rewards we see becoming possible.  The opportunities to minister in a larger community while exposing our children to more diverse experiences fill us with excitement and anticipation.  

May you find excitement and anticipation in the transitions of your life this year!

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