Thursday, January 20, 2011

I want to be like Jesus!

I love the above picture.  My husband has been on a hunt for the perfect snowflake picture and this comes pretty close!

Snowflakes are a wonderful reminder of God's attention to detail.  He doesn't miss anything!  Much like a man I met today!

The kids and I went on an outing.  One stop took us to the grocery store around lunch time.  With children in tow and on a mission (tortilla chips are best with dip!) an elderly gentleman stopped me in the deli isle to ask a question,

"You homeschool, don't you?"

Naturally I responded in the affirmative.  A glint of a smile spread across his lips as he said, "I think that is just wonderful, God Bless you!"

I was surprised, but more so, I truly felt blessed.  I thanked him with a genuine smile as he responded in kind, beginning to beam at what seemed to be a treat for him.  The joy of the Lord filled my heart and brought me peace. 

When I told my husband about it later on, my oldest daughter perked up and said, "That man reminded me of Jesus."  Why yes... yes he did!  Shouldn't we all remind others of Jesus?

God bless this mystery man and his wonderful compliment.  May you find equally gratifying blessings today and may your heart shine forth in such a way that makes others say, "That person reminds me of Jesus."

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