Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sleeping on Memory Lane

Today's installment of walking down memory lane (or in our case, Wulff Lane house where we have lived for 11 years!) is inspired by my lack of sleep lately!!!

You can imagine with Ashley being ONE when we moved in, two babies born to this house, and 4015+ days and nights of sleep and naps... just how many photo-opps there have been!

Few, if any, pictures exist of any interesting nocturnal sleeping ventures for Zach.  He is, however, good at trying to act asleep or incognito for varying purposes!
Fall '06, in 8th Grade
 The other kids have far more interesting sleeping habits!  While I did not upload the picture of Ashley sleeping on the landing in our stairway (waiting for us to come upstairs and tuck her in I guess!) or of her asleep in the midst of the toys in the playroom (apparently tuckered out from play!) I do have other interesting snapshots of her:

Apparently Zach's bony legs make a good pillow!  '00 (?)
Pictures of Brenden in snooze are frequent.  He could sleep anywhere, anytime.  When he gets tiered he waits for no one to nab some zzzzzzzzzzz's!

On the couch in '02 (I think!)
Oh, did I mention, when you are a boy with longer than should be hair in our house, under the age of 5, it is not good to sleep hard where everyone can do wild and crazy things to your hair!  This snapshot was one of a a few where we spiked his hair all over, down the middle, alfalfa style, and a few other fun do's!!

Brooke has had her moments of strange sleeping locations over the years here.  I did not get the picture uploaded of her, in Anthony's desk chair, asleep with headphones on at his computer! But I did get these goodies up:
Across dining room chairs at age 3 (or 4)

Ready for sleep back in '03 atop a Coke crate!  I still remember that soft cuddly baby! 

With daddy :)
 OK, so she isn't really sleeping in that last one... but it is one of my favorites!!!  I don't know what is cuter, that belly or how she is sprawled out on Anthony!

As if the single pictures of the kids aren't cute enough, the youngest two are our 'peas in a pod'.  Brooke is very tender towards all family members but especially so towards me, Zach, and Brenden.  Her and Brenden could have been twins the way they pal around.  You would never know they are 2 1/2 years apart with the way they act towards one another!  This is not only true in play, but also in sleep:

 Oh how I wish I had more time to upload more photos!  The years of snoozing in this house have provided some adorable pictures!  Alas, this sampling will serve its purpose :-)

May you find rest and peace in the Lord today as you remember the restful (and not so restful) times in  your life!

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