Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Un-traditional Learning

I don't know what to say except my kids are unique!  I love and admire their creativity and imaginations.  I would say I don't know where they get it... but that is not true!  Growing up, I was an only child most of the time.  The complicated process of explaining the dynamics of my family can be summed up to say; my parents divorced when I was a baby, I have a half brother that, after the age of 4, I only saw on the weekends and then we made up for lost time!

From entertaining myself during my only child weeks to having loads of self-created fun with my little brother... I never ran out of ideas for entertainment and the words, "I'm bored" rarely issued from my lips.  Tents, grand balls, wagoneering, and jet setting across the globe were common occurrences in my bedroom!  Outside I was often seen chasing robbers, giving music concerts singing Beach Boys hits at the top of my lungs to neighborhood kids , and even hunting witches and trolls in the woods behind my house!  It wasn't uncommon to go searching for fairies either :)

So, no... I don't ask "Where do my kids get it?"  Instead I sit, I marvel, I remember and I envy their youthful adventures.  And when I am on my toes... I even snap pictures of it to enjoy!

The adventures the last two weeks have been unusual places to do homework!  After all... the dining room (or living room) table gets boring after a while! 

When that happens.....

... they build a tent around the kitchen counter and stools!
... complete with under-stool lighting to work by!

My sweeties posing for a picture before getting back to work!
 When tents get old it is time for something new...
... like converting the couch into 'desks' that face each other!
Notice the 'stuffed' turkey guarding the pencil cups!

I know I will miss these moments when they grow up and move on from tents, tables, and castles by the sea to more 'serious' grown-up stuff.  For now, I plan to savor every moment of it!  I hope you are savoring little moments today as well!

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