Friday, November 12, 2010

Stretching Time

I am committed.  Though sometimes that means I should be committed!!  But seriously, I am committed to this Blog yet I never seem to have enough hours in a day.  Most days I keep my whits about me, but some days lately try to steal my whits away!

We feel God may be calling us into a new place for ministry.  Out of our home of 11 years and into a VERY condensed space (1-room for 6 people!).  We are excited to respond to this calling but I must confess that the excitement can sometimes be daunting when I consider all the purging, packing, and cleaning.

On top of this prospect and the gradual process we have begun (in the purging department) is our other blog at  As a ministry outreach I spend a lot of time there as well. 

Yet, as we work through each homeschool day, my brain ticks away at fun things I would like to post.  Articles of interest and antics that come from 3 homeschooled sweeties!  One of these days I will be more prompt with these nuggets of fun!

For today, I am still thinking of my teaser about planning and scheduling our days.  Speaking of which, lesson plans for next week are calling me and I am still longing for ample time to prepare a semester's worth of them for Language Arts (my math plans are about to run out in December!)

So please pray for me... and I will pray for you!  That God stretches the time in each day so that all wonderful things that might glorify Him can fit!

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