Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reminiscings Begin

Contemplating and reminiscing are to become the theme in our home for December.  We are officially packing and moving.  Mostly a good thing, but sometimes a prospect that pulls at the heart strings!  So many memories within these walls :-)  As I work on our KOG Mmissions articles, taking the biblical reflections and sharing them.... here I take the sentimental thoughts and share things a bit more deep and personal. 
Real personal would be my youngest's attachment to my oldest in '03!

 Like crying for half the day on Thursday.  Overwhelmed by the finality, I think.  I am thankful for the way this has come about.  We have to move, it isn't a choice and it isn't the result of anything we did/or did not do.  It is because our home is falling apart and repairs are desperately needed that we would be in the way of.  (I expect, and rather hope, they will ask for more rent after the house has been spiffed up!  They can get it... and they deserve it for all their generosity towards us!)

Talk about "moving" how about these movers back in '04!
The change, while hard, is a good one.  Our ministry opportunities will expand and we do feel God will bless us greatly where we are going.  Yet it will be a personal challenge... I have lived without parents for almost 19 years now!  To suddenly be under a parent's roof will be humbling!

Playing house growing up is one thing ('04??)... doing it for real with your parents....
I will also be sharing a computer, unless God sees fit to bless us with a laptop!  As if my blogging posts aren't slim enough... my time at the keyboard will be even less!!  :-(    I may need to lay off of Facebook to get more done ;-)
My kids have such great senses of humor!  These were their paper plate skeletons in '07 (?)

I am working on ideas for our December family newsletter.  This will be fun but time consuming... like I said, contemplating and reminiscing.  I have a lot of pictures to go through ;-)  I am thinking, "The Jones Family Through the years [at our current address!]". 

My cuties in '04... I think!! 
The family even voted on our last Christmas; to stay or to spend it elsewhere.  The stays won!  Though the walls will be mostly bare.  We will have our tree, our beds, and our beautiful view of the mountains and lake for one more December.
Christmas '04/'05ish... missing my oldest in this snapshot

We may not know where all the path ahead will take us.  But that is ok.  I am reminded of a quote by Henry David Thoreau,
"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us."

May your path, your contemplations, and your reminiscings lead you to beautiful places today, with the love of the Lord dwelling deep within!

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