Monday, November 1, 2010

On a ... umm... pyramid hunt?

I am on a turkey hunt!  After all, it is November 1st!!! 

Actually, I am looking for some pictures I know we have taken over the years of the local turkey flock that (I kid-you-not) struts through our yard almost every year around this time!!  There was a BIG Tom last year!  We got a good snap shot of him and his buddies... but I don't know where my husband hid it!  The trouble with digital photos (even though they are more blessing then trouble!)

I did, however, find these goodies from November 2008:

Oh how they have grown in two years!  Brooke was in kindergarten, Ashley in 5th and Brenden in 3rd.  Time does fly :-)
I thought these pictures were perfect for this month.  As you can see, we were studying the food pyramid. has some great resources for kids.  We rounded up grocery ads to do these two projects.  

We started with the pyramid so they could get a feel for what good foods looked like.  We did some of the printables from the MyPyramid website.  We also made our own menus for breakfast and lunch.  I even used them on alternating weeks!  (the kids got a big kick out of that). 

We culminated this November activity with a 'Cornucopia of good food' project (as you can see above!).  I used brown packing paper and poster board to make this.  The kids cut and pasted the rest.

This study was so much fun!  I have thought of doing it again... but that would be redundant!  I may, however, try a more advanced version here in another year or two.  Brooke will be old enough to feel like it is the first time and both her and Brenden will be able to calculate calories and read the labels they could only gleam last time.

I have printable menus for breakfast, lunch, and all day posted in my yahoo groups database.  (Email me at to subscribe and gain access... it is FREE)  

Happy November everyone!  May this month be filled with blessings!

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