Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Emotions of Anticipation

I just finished posting an article on our KOG Missions website about the importance of keeping Christ in Christmas.  (Click here to read... it is a shorty but goodie!)  So I won't be redundant and repeat it here.  I do recommend it (not because I wrote it) but because it has a link to some great ideas for a Christ centered Christmas for all ages.

Now we begin our countdown to move-out.  49 days, though our goal is within 42 or less.  The Turkey is tucked away (mostly in my stomach) and the Christmas tree goes up tomorrow.  In order to prepare the space for O Tannenbaum, I packed up most of my living room.  I didn't expect the wave of tears that snuck up when I tugged at the greenery wrapped around the wood beam that has always given such character to our small living room.  I take that greenery down every year to make room for garland and Christmas lights.... but this year the greenery will not go back up in January.  Whats more, the garland and Christmas lights will not be up this year either.  (Trying to simplify undecorating for the big push out the week after Christmas)

O Christmas Tree 2008, you can see the wrapped beam in the background

I knew it would be emotional, but I didn't expect this much emotion.  I even got choked up while sharing a prayer of Thanksgiving on Turkey day.  Anthony reassured me that my tenderness reflected my sincerity.  It also gave me an opportunity to share testimony with my sister-in-law who is not a believer and offered condolences to our upcoming move.  I was excited to share with her how blessed we feel and that sorrow filled condolences were not required.  Yes, this move is a tear-jerker.  But in responding to God's calling in our lives, we take these steps with anticipation and peace knowing God is with us.  I pray my words could touch her heart and spark a curiosity for the love of Christ who could cover over all our sorrows.

For now I look at each room of my house with new perspective.  Seeing all that has been and wondering at all that will become of my momentoes... and of us... in a future, some day, far off, new home.  May you feel blessed in your past/present/future today :-)

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