Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anticipating Routines

As I trudged through the mound of dirty clothes in my laundry room I realized new routines will need to be established after the move!  For one thing, we will not be taking ALL of our clothes with.  Not enough room where we will be staying.  The purge on wardrobes will be good practice for future (possible) trips.  Only we won't be living out of a suit case where we are going next month.  Each of us get 3 dresser drawers (I felt generous!  lol)  And there is no hide-away laundry room to conceal how far behind I am on the wash!

It piles up so quick with 6 of us and a busy schedule!

All of us will need to form new routines.  Washing machine will be more accessible... perhaps I can keep up more easily with the clothes aspect.  Kids will need to change how they wear their gear (and where they put it when they are done... the floor just won't work with so many of us in such a small space!).

Brooke looking at the world from the floor's point of view!  '05
 Some other routines we will need to re-establish....

Helping when cooking will be appreciated.  
Ashley and Brenden ready to help!  '02

My mother-in-law's kitchen is bigger but has much less counter space.  We have been used to spreading out here.

Brooke helping make bread :)  '06

Dish duty will need careful attention in a small space.  Dishes undone pile up quick on small counters.  We currently have assigned dish nights for everyone in the house.  No one will be allowed to forget in the new place!

Brooke "helping" Zach with dishes in '06?
Happy cleaning helpers is always a blessing too.  Both inside and out!
Zach and Ashley helping their grandpa clean his truck when he visited in '00
Putting things away when you are done with them will make light work later on.

Brenden tuckered out after shopping all day!  '02
It helps if everything is organized and in its place.
My craft area back when I had a business creating :-)  '03
Other routines will need adjusting as well.  Some days we like to blast music to get everyone moving.  Living with mom-in-law will require some respect to her schedule and peace as well.  Headphones may help in that process!
Ashley at Christmas '06
Homeschooling in tighter quarters will require some creative planning.  Uninterrupted reading time every day will be a challenge but I am confident we can accomplish a routine that pleases everyone.

Ashley reading to Zach in '02

Winter will be fun with couch space.  We have grown accustomed to two couches since we are such a big family.  Only one will work in the confines of the new place.  Squeezing everyone on at once won't be quite as possible or as much fun as it once was... but at least we will keep warm!
Anthony, Ashley, baby Brooke, and Brenden in '03

The funny thing... I am actually looking forward to developing these new routines.  I'm also looking forward to being somewhere survival is not our primary focus but instead God, family and missions.  Our routines, like a new year, will have a chance at a fresh start and (hopefully) better results than the current!
Brenden and Brooke doing their chores tonight (10 hours later than asked)!

In the mean time I trudge and I pack and I anticipate wonderful opportunities ahead.  I pray you find opportunity in the drudgery today :-)

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