Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sometimes Less is More

I wanted to blog the title, "When Mom is Sick" but I already did that... over a year ago!  I hate it when I get sick and schooling still needs to be done :-(  I only lost one day though... the others were managed well with God given strength!

As I recovered, I contemplated our schedule and the feasibility of each element.  We have been in the new school year for a month now and I always try to regularly assess not only our progress but also our successes in how it is getting done. 

For the most part, our schedule is marvelous.  I do wish we started earlier, but I am thankful that we are plucking away at each to-do.  But then a school teacher friend donated some newer reading primers to our 'classroom' and, excited at the materials, I began to look through and contemplate coorelating lesson plans and crossing studies and ... and.... my head started to spin. 

I had to stop and remind myself that what we have now works wonderfully.  We have been called to simplify the process of our curriculum (for those who don't know, I use to compile ALL of it myslef and develop every lesson plan from scratch or from compiling multiple sources.)  Preparing for missions field training and doing the work that we do, I can't spend the bulk of my weekend on this process anymore.  God has blessed us with wonderful material that truly doesn't need any aditives!  So why am I complicating it?

I can't answer that... because I don't know!  I can tell you that I realized:  I don't have to use EVERY textbook I own!!!!  I can pick and choose and, as long as I am covering the subjects, it doesn't matter how many, or how few, books I use to cover it!  As long as the job gets done well.  To that effect... sometimes less truly is more!

I share all of this, in case you are like me in anyway, staring at a book case or boxes full of material you think you have to use all of before the year ends... you don't!  Just relax, take a deep breath, and turn to God to guide you through what He thinks is most important for helping your child develop into a wonderful and intelligible human being!

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