Saturday, October 16, 2010

A prayer for peace

What a week! 

I began it in prayer.  Of course every week begins in prayer!  But this was a different kind of prayer. 

I felt like I was headed for "overwhelmed".  I don't know why exactly, but it just seemed as though too much too quick and where do I turn.  So I prayed.  "Lord, please give me peace, please guide me, please go with me."

Saturday is here now and I look back and go, "What was I so worried about?!"  God is so good to hear our prayers.  To reach out to us.  To hold us and to guide us.  To give us PEACE in the midst of much to do and much to consider.

I don't have any grand posts this week for the blogsphere. It seems as though I should but through my prayer, my week became subdued and all I wish to convey is peace. 

May you be wrapped in His peace today!

A picture taken last week... to inspire peaceful thoughts :-)

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