Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Break-Through to Self Starting

I am so excited... on October 11th I blogged about trying to get my children to be better self-starters.  After all, that is a trait most college professors like about homeschoolers (or so I hear!)  We had break through this week!

It started with my 10 year old son suggesting that they do their homework in my bedroom on Tuesday so I could work on their costumes (my sewing area is in my bedroom and I was making costumes for 'dress as your favorite Bible character' night at AWANAS).  He was so proud of himself for this suggestion I couldn't resist.  After all, not going with his idea would have meant a late night sewing!

As soon as we were ready to head to my room, kids quickly rounded up their to-do folders, packed their backpacks, and ran to call 'dibs' on their favorite spots on and around my bed!  (They even helped make it!!)

They all worked hard with little help from me because they were determined to NOT interrupt... they really  wanted to try on those costumes fresh off the machine!

Today, we were heading into town (a serious trip in rural Montana!).  First, to visit their grandma and go to AWANAS but then because my husband became very ill and we had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  I told the kids they could not play on grandma's computer or watch her t.v. (a luxury they don't have at home!) unless ALL the work AND their chores were done first!

I was blown away by their diligence.  My 12 year old even did her language arts HERSELF, reading the directions and using the examples to deduct how to complete the work!  I didn't tell her she had to do it that way... she CHOOSE to do it that way!

I am so proud of them, which is why I share it here, next week we may be back to the usual nagging, but this week... this week is good!

I also share here because I realized something today.  When I sit next to my kids in every part of their homework, they lean on me.  I am a crutch for a good leg.  They often don't need me to hold them up but they rely on me to do so because I always have.  It almost seems prudent to strategically plan to leave the room now and then... they actually accomplish more and ask less about things they already know. 

I would like to reiterate, Yes, I like being the school marm and I welcome the moments huddled close to my sweet darlings, working out a math problem or breaking down a hard word.  But I want them to learn how to learn.  I want them to have a desire that comes from within to do better, be better, and know more... no matter where I am in proximity!

With that... here is the finished product of Tuesday's bedroom/sewing school day!

A Goliath Era David and a young Mary!

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