Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My 12 year old is sick today :-(  Actually this makes two days in a row.  However, she is old enough now to catch herself up on schoolwork and my other two diligent students have plenty they can do to keep  busy and stay current on their studies! 

This is the first year I have been able to do this and, well, I kinda like it!  It use to be; everyone was so tightly knitted together and their dependence on me was so ingrained that having one kid down was no better than having all down... and heaven forbid they took turns getting sick over the span of a week or more!

The only area I had to adjust in our schedule today was Bible study.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, we are working on a study of the heart, kindness, and doing what is right and good.  Our reading and the activities I have planned with Ephesians (and more of Solomon's early rule) needs to be done as a group.  So I used a fall-back I have owned for years:  "WWJD For Kids".

I used this book to form the base of an entire summer curriculum for elementary level Sunday school one year.  It is a wonderfully illustrated book with short stories, pertinent questions, prayer, memory verse, and an activity.  All which can be completed in its simplest form in under 10 minutes.  However, you can add extensions and draw out the studies.

Brenden and Brooke picked the story of the Boy King (Josiah) and the moral question of, "What do we do when others are doing bad things?"  After the story and questions, they were challenged to think of TWO things that are good and right they can do for a family member today.  We wrote these answers in our Bible study journals and Brenden added some pictures :-)  Needless to say... one of the tasks on their lists was to help their sick sister ;-)

What WOULD Jesus Do?  Well, if you need a great Bible study book, snag one of these and find out!

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