Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snapshots of Homeschool

The question was posed by this week's Carnival of Homeschooling host, Sprittibee; "What does your homeschool, schooling room look like?" and I just had to answer!

Most articles I read on this matter give an in-the-box answer with one room and one way of getting things done... just last year I gave an in-the-box answer to this question!  But something changed.

I have an ADHD child, a Dyslexic child and a child who LOVES to learn the traditional way.  My teaching style has become very eclectic to accommodate all of their needs and see success as a result.  I would love my homescool to look like this:

(I love old school houses and the thought of teaching in one!)
I so wish I could fit three of these desks in my house!!
But it doesn't... it isn't even close.  I do still have our "school room" ...

But it is in our dark, dank, no windows, basement and after a while... it gets kind of depressing!  So, it has been converted to rec-room now.  The maps are still up and the corner with table is the same only its main use is as art and craft area (all our lovely messes blend in with the dark carpet!!)
First day of Fall art this past week!

Bulletin board in our arts and crafts area with pictures we did during a study of Uruguay last fall
Our actual "learning area" is everywhere now! For example, kitchens just aren't for cooking anymore:
 Ok, so this looks like cooking... but it isn't!  Above, we are practicing spelling words in flour... it has helped my visual-spacial learners do better on their tests!  Although... it does make more mess to clean up!  But worth it!

Below, they are practicing math facts with quizzing calculators while I make french toast for breakfast.

The dining room table is often used for homework...
... and therapy

However, the couch, the coffee table (the living room in general!), and even the picnic table on nice days can make lovely work areas as well!
The kids made "stores" and went "shopping"!

Garden planning and seed charting
And field trips.... God has given us such a marvelous classroom in His creation!  Our favorite was after reading The Secret Garden and we went to some public gardens near by to sketch and observe

Although, winter field trips for some P.E. at the ice rink are always grand!

I do miss the 'traditional' classroom set-up we had when we first started homeschooling, and I do have certain areas that are set aside for homeschooling materials, but as you explore my blog and get to know me, you will quickly learn that, in as much as I miss the traditional, we have a lot of fun learning in the eclectic, out-of-the ordinary ways and places!

May God Bless you and your homeschool classroom today... no matter where it is!


  1. It looks great! And homeschooling really is a life style that occurs everywhere.

  2. Thank you ... and yes! (Though clean up would be so much easier in one spot instead of 5!)

  3. Homeschooling is a way of life. It shouldn't be trapped in one room. We have a classroom, but we school all over the house and outdoors and even the next state!

    Enjoyed your story & your pics!

  4. Misty, Thanks! While one classroom is simple and neat, I think one of the blessings of homeschool is the ability to spread out!