Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off to a start...

We are off to a good start in our schooling so far.  Mostly introduction to this year's curriculum and schedule along with a bunch of review.  It has been nice to be back in a routine, if nothing else!  My 7 year old daughter thinks so too since she asked me Sunday night, "Do we start school tomorrow?"  I replied in the positive and she was pleased, "I am so excited."  I asked her why she was excited and she explained, "Because I like it better when we have a routine!"  I still laugh inside when I think of that! 

Our adventures have been positive and revealing as to our direction (and the means to that direction) this year.  Even the projectile milk that was knocked off the dining room table during math yesterday has provided comic relief (once I realized it was almost lunch time and starting math right then was a bad idea to begin with!)  I never new a cup, knocked on the floor from 3 feet up in that spot, could ricochet liquid as far as over my desk and up 6 1/2 feet to splatter all over a picture hanging on the wall!  I know milk is suppose to be good for the skin, but I am thinking, books, carpet, furniture and fixtures don't quite fall in that category!  At least I had a good cleaning crew and, between all of us, we had it cleaned up in no time (and a rule is in place that NO milk is allowed at the table while we do school work!)

The only down side to our week is that not all of our Lesson Plans are done.  I still have a lot of work to do and all while I am working to get our Missions newsletter together for September.  But, I do trust that God will provide the time and the guidance to do all these things through His will :-)  I do look forward to most of our schedule being in order so that I can blog more often.  In the meantime, if you have a fun back-to-school story to share, I would love to hear it!   Post in reply to this entry :-)

Blessings to you this September 2nd!

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