Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musings Of A New School Year

I'm exhausted, and it is only Tuesday!  Worse than that... we are doing 4 day school weeks and today was our 'Monday'!  But it is all wonderful.  To sit and listen to kids read, work through math together, study Alaska (and the Iditarod!), and best of all HUGS at lunch time :-)

First day of school... they went all out ;-)

Backpacks (couldn't tell from the front!)

These pictures were from last week when we had our 'official' first day of school on August 30th.  The kids were so excited, and we were blessed with some new backpacks and supplies from a church we volunteer at, they thought they just had to wear them!  I guess traversing the stairs to our 'classroom' certainly warrants the extra gear!

They truly bless my soul!  I hope your children bless your soul today!

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