Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bible Studies with Children

I am quickly realizing how I got behind on blogging last year!  We get so busy with the day-to-day of our homeschool schedule that, before I know it, days (or weeks) have passed and I haven't updated!  Add to that our busy missions schedule now and some nights it is all I can to make it to bed without falling over in exhaustion!  The complexities of life are a blessing though... truly!

We began a study this past week on Ephesians 4 to coincide with a story we are reading about some of King Solomon's life.  Our self-constructed study is meant to stress the importance of obedience, wisdom, and being a functioning part of the body of Christ.  I honestly feel that we can never start these lessons too early with our children.  All we need to do is approach the lessons from an angle that is age appropriate and speaks to their understanding.

A good study Bible is a start.  My kids have adventure Bibles that were given to them by our church.  We enjoy the little, kid-appropriate notes that sit within the pages.  They even provide extension activities to help bring some of the scriptures to life. 

We also have a devotional that helps us to tackle the sticky problems that often come up when kids get into mischief or are trying to tackle some of life's big problems.  Our favorite resource is the "My First Message Bible Search".  Don't let the name deceive you, it isn't for preschoolers.  It is actually a great tool for elementary level students to learn about the Word of God and what it has to say about our daily challenges.  It provides activities and memory scripture to help really reinforce the message.

I'm not trying to be a sales lady for books, materials and Amazon.  But as we settle into our school routine this year I am realizing some resources and materials we use that are invaluable and I want to pass that along!

I do have a goal over the next week to share our journey through the scriptures on the topic of moving the Body of Christ forward through our actions.  So check back for a great study!

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