Thursday, August 26, 2010

Methods to Madness!

I should have named my site,!  But what mom isn't busy?  I have been consumed by curriculum and when I am not working on Missions Work, I am working on lesson plans and I fear we will never be ready by Monday!  (On top of the 'surprise, company is coming Monday morning' alert I got today!  At least I had warning!)

School starts Monday... regardless.  And I have taken a day per kid to get my math lesson plans together (Far longer than previously planned!).  I know I will thank myself later for the fore site, but for now I am on the verge of 'overwhelmed' and considering an all-nighter Friday night!

All that to say, I was thinking of the blog world as I worked today.  What does your work space look like as you prepare lesson plans?  Ever wonder what everyone else's looks like?  Here is mine!

I didn't realize until after I snapped the shot that Buzz Lightyear was lending a hand!  And while this may look a bit crazy... there is actually a method to my madness ;-)  The above books are my 10 year old son's various math pieces for this school year.

Below are my 7 year old's books, AFTER lesson plans were finally assembled and the books for the year are 'narrowed down' and planned out (really, they were narrowed down from a larger pool of materials!)


And here is how I drew up my lesson plans:

The form is one I created in Word.  You can print off the main page here which lists; student name, subject, grade and year at the top and/or you can print subsequent filler pages here which only list subject and page number.  Technical difficulties!!  Message me if you would like a PDF emailed to you of this document until I can get the bugs worked out!

I hope your curriculum round up is going well!  And if you don't homeschool and you are reading this... I can tell you this is a labor of love ;-)

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