Monday, September 14, 2009

Loving my timer

Week three of our schedule is coming to a close. Last week wasn't the greatest... but it could have been worse! I would have loved to blog as I went... but my glitchy computer made that impossible. Body glitches have made it doubly-difficult to spread words on my page.

This week I have not spent every day with my timer on. On the days I have not turned it on, I am noticing a difference in productiveness and attitude... on all our parts... for the worse. It isn't horrible but it isn't as lovely as the timed schedule days are either.

I have also noticed, especially with B (my severely dyslexic/possibly APD kid) that if we do not start FIRST THING in the morning and use a timer, the day is far to scattered and he has difficulty staying on task. Frustration abounds on days like that, so what do I do?

Step 1 is... try to stay on task! We have a schedule and we need to stick to it whenever possible. This morning, as an example, I realized I forgot to print out a cursive copy page for Ash. The re-vamping of my hard drive this week wiped all my favorites, including the handy site I had for making handwriting sheets! I do have it backed up on an external hard drive but I was too lazy to go grab it in the other room and plug it in! Instead, I spent more than 30 minutes going in circles and still getting no where. Eventually, I just logged off and got a late start on our school work. My point? If I don't have it ready when it is time to start (and if it isn't crucial to our lessons) then I need to just let it go! (Easier said than done for most of us!)

Step 2 is... when goofed up schedules and late starts are just unavoidable: accommodate, be patient, be done with school "work" early if need be. Which is what we ended up doing today. We post-poned some science experiments and our writing project slotted for today and, instead, we explored some sign language videos and played a spelling game that they love so we could review their words before the test tomorrow. This very minute they are finishing watching Disney's, "Hercules" because we are studying Greece this week! Yes, I know, not quite as educational as other videos, but this has not been a conventional day!

Tomorrow? Well, we wrap up this wacky week with a surprise, get-to-stay-home day! Thought we would have to be gone and we don't. I am relieved since the science and writing that got bumped today can be done tomorrow at a more relaxed speed (and on schedule I hope!!) Oh, and I must remember my timer next week!

Happy schooling to you !


  1. We use a loose schedule. It is as much for me as the children, who seem to work better on it. No doubt with the APD's that getting going early and knowing what is on for the day really helps to push through stuff. (Plus I'm afraid I burn out by early afternoon so if it isn't accomplished in the morning it rarely happens!)

  2. I agree, Ruby! I was tempted to just toss everything today halfway through it. Then I remembered a song by Superchick called, "One More". It is profound to me because last school year I let some troubles/issues really get me down. So much I would give up some days because I didn't want to push. In, "One More" she says: 'I have everything to loose... I might get use to giving up, so I am showing up tonight'.

    That may seem extreme but it is a long story that feeds the inspiration in those lines. I don't want to get use to giving up again. I value my children and the gift God has given me in them. I have decided to refuse to give up because they are so worth it!

    Now that I said that, evil will tempt me even more!!

    At any rate... yes, mid day burn out is a threat for me too if I don't have a schedule that we are sticking with (even if loosly!). Ash and her ADHD benefit from knowing as well.... another blog I should post on the benefits of ADHD and knowing what to expect!

  3. for you for overcoming that down slump! It is amazing the wisdom you can often glean from pondering the words of songs. Especially biblical but any song.

  4. Yes! Biblical music is definately uplifting to the soul. I like Superchick when I am in a "rock out" mood! (Have you heard of them?) They are a Christian rock band. They have a few songs that have helped me through hard times. They also have other songs that are fun to just not act my age too as well!! I took my two oldest to see them live in concert this past spring. Very cool :-) Of course, it was weird being an "old lady" in a crowd of kids!! But at least people can't say I don't know how to be young-at-heart! Their concerts are great for youth groups. A lot of testimonial and also a lot of sillyness and fun :-)