Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm not suppose to be on here right now. Actually, I should be enjoying tallying up tackles completed by the Z-Attack! Stupid sore throat :-( I have been trying to hold back the bug all week but it is getting the best of me today. To that effect, I should be laying on the couch or in bed with a blanky and some honey tea. But here I sit. (Shhhh, don't tell, maybe no one will notice if I make it quick!)

We had our share of ups and downs this week. All-in-all it turned out well and I am glad it is Friday! (I am sure the bug has something to do with that as well!) I had to get on here, a sort of celebratory blog that we accomplished much and shed no tears :-)

I have no less than 3 bogs buzzing around my brain. However, I am going to drop this quick note instead....

Reason #374 why homeschooling is so wonderful:

Fall is due to set in here any day now. We were blessed with some lovely (and warm, summer-like) weather this week for which we just had to set up a picnic complete with dinosaurs on our back deck! What a nice breather to our homeschooling day :-)

I hope your homeschooling memories are blessed ones made daily :-)

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