Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School

We are over half-way through our "first week" of school. I started thinking about this blog on Monday, began writing it on Tuesday, and now I have about 15 minutes to finish it today!

All business aside, our first week is going well. Monday was a bit rough with B. All the work to prepare him for learning using the Davis method felt fruitless at first. I realized, about halfway through the day, that his APD was outweighing the Dyslexia at times and this had to be considered and accommodated for. After all, the first day "back" on schedule can be disorienting for anyone!

Day two blessed me with more progress where B was concerned. We went to do a writing project and I asked the kids, "What is the first step when you are going to write something?" and B instantly piped up with, "Find my orientation point!" lol He is such a sweety.

Today we are off to Homeschool Open House. This is my first year going. All the local homeschooling families are getting together at a church up in town to kick off the new school year. The kids and I are looking forward to it :-)

I pray your back to school planning/starting is finding you feeling blessed and thankful.

Happy schooling!

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