Monday, August 17, 2009

This last week of summer...

Oh boy, where do I start? What a weekend! It POURED rain on us Friday, off and on drizzled on Saturday. We did make some money on the yard sale, but I have to wonder if we would have made considerably more in better weather! DH wants to try one more weekend! The good news is that all things are priced and sorted (and dried out from all the wet!) so it would just be a matter of setting things out for browsers. I guess that is our intention... this Friday and Saturday... again.

I still do not have enough together to feel "ready" to start back to schooling with the kids. Am thinking of taking a different approach to my organizing. It is only Monday though. I am hoping for a more productive Tuesday in that area!

I have been considering a lot in regards to my blogs on these days of work and organization for the yard sale. I am becoming nervous about my posts regarding APD. Since my son does not have an official diagnoses and Dr. Bellis is animate about this in her book, When the Brain Can't Hear. I do not want to mislead anyone. Add to that apprehension the fact that there are many faces of APD and our situation is but one.

I am still thinking (and praying) on my direction here. I will share my discoveries and experiences but I am thinking I need to lean away from any indication that I am qualified to give information on APD as a reliable alternative to seeking advice from a specialist. I do presume most people visit blogs (like mine) as a means to see what other parents think and not as a source for professional info. I do have a tendency to want to help and I have, in the past, put myself out farther than I should! I guess I could be guilty of worse!

So... at this point in time... those who are waiting for the impending APD presentation, I will share what I can throughout my blogging. I do HIGHLY recommend the book, When the Brain Can't Hear by Teri James Bellis, PH.D. It is packed with invaluable information and resources that, if I were to repeat in full here, would take volumes and put me at risk for plagiarism!!!! Please, if you have an APD child, get this book, read it, and share what strikes you as profound and helpful.

... among a handful of others I did not know were out there. If you have read books other than the one by Dr. Bellis, let me know what you think of them, if they were helpful, and whether you would recommend them to me! I am always in search of more info :-)

Hopefully things will begin to smooth back out over the next few weeks... when DH and Z are back to school, out of the house, and me and the "kids" are back to our school year routine. Oh how I love our routines ;-) (yes, I know, I am a bit crazy!)

Best wishes to all.... I will check in as I can in this last crazy week of summer "vacation"! Message me... I love to hear from you :-)


  1. I'm not hanging out for the APD article but I appreciate the book suggestions. My guys do have a diagnosis of APD and have had some Speech Pathology sessions. I have plenty of material to work with them. I am always looking for what others are doing with their kids and I guess I am always hopeful of a break through for mine!

  2. I've been thinking about you Ruby. I don't want to let you down ;-) I am glad you were able to get a diagnosis. I wasn't sure if others that visit this blog might/might not have seen a doctor though.

    I have been sooooo stressed lately, not about this, but about other things. I guess it is causing me to feel a bit insecure about this. I try to be confident but I don't want to mislead people either if I miss the mark. It doesn't help that every time I set up a plan of action for personal endeavours... something inevitably knocks it all down! Such is the life of a mother ;-)

    I truly had hoped to share some of my notes on APD by last week. As I type this I am waaaay off track of what I am suppose to be doing (organizing my file boxes for the new school year!) Like I blogged, though, I am hoping (and praying) that the start of the guys' school year will signal some semblence of order around here so I can pursue more research/sharing and creative endeavours! But we shall see....

    Thanks for visiting me :-) I would welcome anything you have found helpful with your APD kids. Breakthroughs will come... and what wonderful moments they will be too!