Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day two...

Day two with B went well. I did re-read a few chapters last night and found where I messed up a bit yesterday ((oops)) Ron Davis does say that you can not 'harm' a child by doing the counseling wrong. ((phew))

We did re-adjust his orientation point. I think we will do one more day of setting his orientation point and then spend subsequent sessions starting with "Review" as recommended by the book.
My one testimony so far is that, Ron Davis has done orientation counseling with high scholars (and older) and seen them (in some cases) have reading scores that improved 8 grade levels after just one session! B isn't old enough to see those kind of results, however, he is starting the "4th grade" this year and his reading is much closer to grade level after two sessions of counseling than it was before we started. But even more amazing than that is his comprehension. Today we read a full page in a 4th grade primer and he could actually tell me what he read... for the first time in his life!!!!

The flip side of day two is my 'experiment' with Ash to see if this counseling works for the symptoms of ADHD. The answer would be, "no". She could not complete one of the key steps to the therapy process (moving the mind's eye to various places). This is not uncommon if a person is not a candidate for orientation counseling. Apparently the info I saw on the Internet was not accurate... at least not for Ash.

We are going to try a different angle for her though. We talked about brick walls and tunnels for blocking out distractions. We discussed the idea of a trial-and-error process to attempt to head off some of her ADHD symptoms in situations were her focus is required. I pray it works.

With day two behind, I am off to organize the PILES of curriculum on my desk!

No, really, these piles are in 'order'. This one here is spelling worksheets I printed, that one there is rhymes I need to file, the one just next to it is math books and the other pile is math workbooks.... yah, I know, I do have a lot of work to do! lol

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