Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day three...

Today wasn't as good as yesterday... but it wasn't as off-kilt as Monday! We did the orientation portion of the therapy and then proceeded to reading. Reading didn't go quite as well as yesterday nor did he retain as much as yesterday. However, there were more distractions today and to that effect, his APD symptoms surfaced.

Sisters found a caterpillar and I think the whole neighborhood became aware of it, then DH decided to cook eggs and we were working in the dining room (with only our counter separating the two rooms). I had to remind myself that, even in a perfect world, distractions will abound. I chose to use them as a factor in the session to try and mount and overcome. It beat being royally frustrated!

Tomorrow we will definitely start our session with "Review" and then we will start the symbol recognition portion of therapy. I plan to include the girls in that part. Bk can use it and Ash will still think it is fun :-)

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