Monday, August 24, 2009

Day one...

Day one of the Davis counseling went.... ok. I am a bit confused though. I thought the point of orientation counseling was to bring the mind's eye into our center.... not out of it. I am going to re-read the chapters that surround this method... again!

All in all though, we did the first two phases of orientation counseling and then put them to the test. It was easy to tell when his orientation started to sway and it was nice to have a point to re-orient him to. It made reading much less painful!

When I was looking for some instruction videos last night I came across various info that suggested the use of this technique on ADHD and autistic children. My thoughts on the matter are... if you have a child that has difficulty focusing and keeping his/her mind from wandering, the orientation phase of this method may be very helpful.

If I have you confused, please forgive me. As I get my bearings about this process, I will share greater detail. If you do know what I am talking about and have any tips... please let me know :-) For now.... I'm hoping for a great Day two! I plan to start with Ash tomorrow afternoon (B works with me in the morning on it) to see if we can help her focus through her ADHD. I will keep updating...

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