Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day four...

I feel challenged. Ugh. We have taken 2 steps forward and 1 step back. We will get there eventually though!

I may need to re-do orientation counseling... or at least a portion of it. I also realized, after our session today, that he may just need a break. We did review, read another page... he struggled more today with reading than he has in a while...???? We moved to character recognition (forming the letters of the alphabet with clay) and practicing touch-and-say both forward and backward. He did have fun with it though.

Time will tell. I felt like a failure for a while this morning though. Isn't that a common hymn among homeschool moms? Then, I had to remind myself, the 'enemy' wants me to feel like a failure and I don't want him to win. NO... I want to glorify my Heavenly Father. So, I will choose to focus on the positive :-)

He did read a bit better when I used paper to cover the lines not being read (a common recommendation for dyslexics when reading). He did better when I relaxed and worried less (I was patient with him the whole time, but I am sure he sensed my tension... some kids have a knack for that!). And, like I said, he did enjoy the character recognition. That gives us a base to start from.

Bk, who has decided to be difficult about learning anything actually participated as well and I saw her, when she thought I wasn't looking, putting herself through the recognition exercises I had put B through. Perhaps another good outcome is realizing Bk probably needs some one-on-one time with mom too.

Blessings to all this Thursday!

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