Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back and beat

I am back and I fear I will have to hit the ground running! What an odd weekend we had. The long and short is this:

DH threw his back out about 2 weeks ago and it had gotten so bad he could barely move. Had to see the massage therapist. In the midst of all this I entered weekend TWO of Yard Sale attempts... this time clear skies and warm weather. Not as profitable as our rained out attempt last weekend... shockingly!

Because the yard sale was a small distance away at the in-law's, I spent Thursday night on a flat air mattress outside in our tent surrounded by 3 of my darling kids. No cartilage/disks in my lower spine made that a fun adventure... not! Friday night I had a lot more air... didn't find myself flat until about 4 a.m. with an hour left to sleep anyway and Bk, who was sharing the mattress with me, sleeping practically on me from our lopsided situation!! At least she is a good cuddler! (I did enjoy the 'camp out' with the kids though :-)

The pool was closed Friday, the hottest day of the week and family problems (a verrrry long story) after two weeks of being away from my home on this cash raising endeavor took its tole. All I can say is I am glad to be home!!!!!!!!!!

I plan to start B's therapy with the Davis Method on Monday. I pray it goes well. I am going to re-read the process tomorrow so my brain is freshly familiar with it. I did realize today that my stress over APD and Dyslexia and the sharing of knowledge has stemmed from an adult life unintentionally rooted in leading others. I realized today that I can step back and be the test subject, sharing what I learn, without being the tester! Realizing this has increased my excitement for sharing and I am looking forward to the interactive conversations with others on these subjects... and anything else we get to sharing about!!

Also, DH and I discussed other cash raising endeavours I have pursued in the past and I am going to be looking into them again. I am very excited (I use to make and sell craft items at craft shows).

I am glad the whole yard sale ordeal is over! I am looking forward to some new and revived/exciting things coming up!

Blessings to all this August weekend!

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