Sunday, July 5, 2009

The problem with company when you are an aspiring writer

Yesterday was Independence Day. We are blessed to live in a state where just about any kind of fireworks are legal. Our neighborhood lights up with the displays that everyone enjoys putting on. Our tradition has been to invite the in-laws over (My family still lives back East) have a summer feast of grilled yummies, cool pasta salads, and a delicious strawberry shortcake that resembles a flag :-) (I forgot to take a picture!!)

During company conversation yesterday I was deeply inspired to a post I wanted to share. But the problem with company when you are an aspiring writer is that... you can't just up and leave your guests to tap away on a keyboard!! I know, I could have written down some notes, but no... I thought I would just remember (even though deep down I knew better!) When I am inspired the words just flow like magic, weaving and winding together to form something I become quite proud of! And when the inspiration is gone.... well, I clunk out a rock that just sits there!

Oh well... there will be other days :-)

(I know this is blurry... it was a little 4th of July fun with glo-sticks!)

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