Friday, July 10, 2009

Ducks in a row...

I have been blessed with four lovely children. I had hoped to have more, but God said, "No." Still, I look for the simple joys of my little family and I strive for ways to let them know they are loved and dear to me.

I know that we do not have as many children as some (and yet we do have more than others) but no matter how you look at it, when we are out at a store and walking down an isle, they tend to fannnnn out and take up a lot of room! I feel bad because we can take up a whole isle (wide) and then some! I started telling my children that we all need to get in a row... like ducks in a row and out for a waddle. "Come on guys, ducks in a row" is what I often say when we are trying to make our way through a busy store or crowd.

Apparently my term has become endearing to my children. My oldest daughter recently spotted a goose family while we were at the park. They were adorable! As we watched, the geese began to coral their goslings so they might proceed to another end of the pond. Ash pointed and commented, "Hey mom, like ducks in a row!", indicating that it was like us when we are at the store!
So, as silly as I might be, and even though these are geese (and not ducks) it is still sweet and makes me think of my little flock and how blessed I am :-)

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