Saturday, July 18, 2009

Definitely feeling feminine

As I mentioned in "All the ways NOT to make a skirt!", I have decided to take the one week of skirts challenge that Fellin' Feminine offers. They welcome photo sharing but I can't find anywhere to post and I really don't like pictures of myself (I am definitely not pleased with the one of me in the above mentioned article!). I did want to share my progress here though. I decided to try something different. In the lovely summer weather I have been hanging my clothes out to dry. When I washed last week's worth of skirts I decided to take a picture :-)

I am two weeks and running on this challenge and truly enjoying it. I definitely feel more feminine! I have even been able to match some interesting hats from my collection... something that never really worked well with jeans/pants!


  1. Hi there, I'm glad you decided to take the challenge, and enjoying it. :)

    Miss Jocelyn, FF publisher

  2. :-) Thank you for challenging women to do this! I do wonder though, we have some harsh winters here in Montana... what will I do when the snow falls? What do you recomend?