Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Homeschool Convention or Bust!

I am sure that many who read this blog will have attended a homeschooling convention at one time or another in their lives. But for those of you who haven't... you must find when your area will be hosting one and attend! At least if it is anything like ours was.

Our keynote speakers were Lorrie Flem of TEACH magazine and Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Ministries.

Through the two and a half day convention I found myself spiritually uplifted as I was encouraged forward with my walk in: domestic issues, homeschooling, mothering, wifery, and (most importantly) spiritual devotion and time with God.

We have had a rough year and a half in our household. I have lost sight of what matters most in life... God. I have lost sight of what is dearest to me under God... my family. I have lost sight of the importance of my role in this house. Lorrie and Mark did an AMAZING job of not only encouraging all the attributes of women in my position, but of also encouraging us to take that time with God each day. To remember the 'job' HE has blessed us with and how important we are within it.

My analogy since Saturday has been this:
I was standing on the dock looking out at the water. All I could
think is.... yes, it looks refreshing, yes it looks like fun (and I have been
refreshed by enjoying it before) but I don't feel like getting wet. I
don't want to jump in.

However, this weekend someone came up behind me and gave me
a quick SHOVE and I found myself treading water and realizing how joyous it is to
take that dip.

I praise God for conferences like this one, for people like Mark Hamby and Lorrie Flem and I pray for them and their ministries... that they may touch other lives as deeply as they have touched mine with the few short days I was blessed by their leadership.

For great inspiration for day-to-day life as a mom/wife/home-educator, check out:

For amazing inspiration spiritually and domestically, check out Mark Hamby at:


Blessings to all...


  1. I LOVED this and left you a comment that was eaten by cyberspace! ACK! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself~I NEEDED IT! I haven't been to convention in quite a few years, as it gets more difficult as the family grows. OH~and I COVET Lamplighter books! I've read two, and both are favorites! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your kudos :-) Sorry to hear cyberspace can be so monsterous!