Friday, April 24, 2009

Knowledge IS (divine) Power

We get a really great Christian radio station in our area (KALS 97.1 F.M.) and when I can, I like to listen to their broadcast of teachings from Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll. Chuck just has a great way of tackling issues and truths in this world of ours. I am always inspired when I listen. Yesterday I decided to sign up for e-devotionals and newsletters at his website. Go ahead... check it out, I'll wait.

[You can also pipe into KALS's live broadcast and hear about our neck of the woods first hand! Lots of great music too :-) ]

So I got my first devotional today. It happened to be part 2 in his study of The Legacy of Learning. Ironically, this topic has been weighing heavy on my heart. Especially after I walked in to see my 10 year old/5th grader doing kindergarten level math yesterday for her slotted math time (seriously, it was 5+0 and the like!!) I have been trying to impress upon my children the importance of learning and the gravity of knowledge. I have tried to help them understand the need to challenge themselves and the disadvantages of stagnation in education.

I went to Insight for Living's website and looked up Part One. I printed both off and grabbed our study Bible.

Overall I truly feel that some sturdy groundwork was laid. We talked about the scriptures Chuck reads from. We discussed what knowledge and ignorance are. We talk about other examples in the Bible where knowledge is important. I have even revisited our morning discussion throughout the day. When my 10 year old seemed to teeter on melt down over skip counting with 7's this afternoon, I reiterated our study. I pointed out that we need to start with what we do know to find what we don't know. It helped. I also quoted Edison in the form of, "I haven't failed, I have found 10,000 ways that did not work"!

Knowledge is so important. Those without it are easily duped, mislead, and simply made fools of. Is this, perhaps, a keynote of the alleged "dumbing down" in our public schools? My (public schooled) oldest son's 8th grade English teacher told her class the Swastika was the Jewish sign for good luck! Is this a way to keep them a step behind so they will fall for anything? I do NOT want that for my homeschooled children. That is why I am so animate in encouraging thought and the active pursuit of knowledge!

It is inspiring to find truth and support in God's Word (and handy quotes). I am uplifted and hopeful, though I know many 'reminders' will be needed to impress these points. I am thankful that I now have a foundation to build on and that the kids are already responding more to that than to my nagging. Praise God for His Holy Word!

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