Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Back

For followers of my blog... I'm back! I haven't logged in for about a month. It is a long, personal story as to why but I am happy to report that the worst is over (hopefully!!) :-)

There is so much to share from happenings during my absence but I don't want this entry to turn into a novel so I am going to just share a breakthrough with everyone:

My darling ADHD daughter has difficulty F-O-C-U-S-ing. She will ask a question and then, mid-way through answering, she will interrupt with a thought or question about something else entirely different (typical ADHD for those who don't know!).

I try to be understanding and give grace. But it is hard at times. Ever since homeschooling began my husband and I will go around the dinner table with a topic or question for the kids to share in an educated discussion on. Recently we were discussing our studies on the Earth layers and basic geology and mid way through the discussion my darling daughter raised her hand. When picked she asked, "I have a question but it doesn't have to do with what we are talking about, can I ask it now?"

Anyone with a severely ADHD child will know, about right now, how I felt!! I was almost in tears and jumping with joy as I replied, "No, Ashley, you need to wait just a bit, but thank you for asking!". Oh my what a breakthrough for her!


So.... what is up next? Well, with a month of catch up to get logged in and some serious research in process on B's Auditory Delays... I have a lot in store for my regular readers :-) Please, keep checking back!

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