Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet the Family

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I can blog about my kids and be careful at the same time. I have noticed some parents include their kids' names and others use code names. With today's internet climate, I am reluctant to use my children's names so I have decided to use nicknames. Therefore, I will begin the introductions:

As of February 2009....
Z = is 14 (going on 20). He is public school 9th grade (not by my choice) and loves to play football and the drums... not usually at the same time! He is accelerated (and bored) but plugs along for friends.

Ash = is 10. She is homeschool 5th grade and LOVES horses more than anything else in life! She as diagnosed with ADHD (severe) and is mildly dyslexic.

B = is 8. He is homeschool 3rd grade and is happiest when he is building.... anything! He was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and dysgraphia. I am currently researching possible auditory issues that have resulted from being mostly def for a good part of his first 4 years of life.

Bk = is 6. She is homeschool kindergarten and LOVES bunnies, purple, and dancing ballet. She is accelerated and, thankfully, won't have to suffer the boredom her biggest brother has since she is blessed to be at home!

So that is our gang. They usually get corralled as my "monkeys" in a three ring circus ;-) But I do love the circus... so that is a good thing!

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